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Doesn't even start, crashes on startup!
You may be missing .net framework v2, visit http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/ to get it. Click on Custom and find it in the Software, optional section.

It didn't record all the time when I was on a window!
This will happen if you're reading a long article or watching a movie with no keyboard+mouse movement. The time spent on a window is only logged when there is keyboard or mouse activity in the past 30 seconds by default. You can change this number in the options screen or you can set it up to log all the time whether there is activity or not. Or even better, learn to read quicker.

Is there a backup of the data?
A backup is saved everytime you exit the program, the last 5 exits are kepted.
Another auto saved backup is done every minute, if the program crashes you'll be asked if you want to restore this one automatically.
To manually retrieve these files go to the open/save dialog, click open, and paste in %userprofile%\application data\PC Fare Meter\
  • "timers" are the main timers.
  • "deleted" are the ones in the trash bin.
  • "autoSave" are used after the software crashes, these will get overwritten quickly.


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